Sunday, October 01, 2006

Varun's day trip to Suomenlinna (19 Sept 2006)

Tabblo: Varun's day trip to Suomenlinna (19 Sept 2006)

It was a sunny sunday afternoon on the 17th of september and a bunch of us decided that it was time that we visited the famous garrison island of Helsinki, Suomenlinna.

A short bus ride to the city center from Otaniemi (Campus) to Kamppi (Helsinki Main Bust Station) and then a short walk to the jetty (we passed the helsinki Church) and on to a boat to Suomenlinna was all that took us to get there, abt 1.55 euros (or 3.5 euros) depending on your status (permanent / temporary).

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Sachin Keswani said...

yup..sou too having a great fun time in Fin..whats the temp there??must be freezing..